Token economyValueMeasureDescription
Soft cap1,250,000USDaccepted currencies - BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Hard cap1,800,000USDaccepted currencies - BTC, ETH, BCH, LTC
Token economy
Total supply 8,000,000tokenstokens
Token distribution:
- ICO investors6,250,000tokens78,12% of total tokens
- pre-ICO investors750,000tokens9,38% of total tokens
- team 5%500,000tokens6,25% of total tokens
- reserve 500,000tokens6,25% of total tokens
Token nameToxicTOX
Token pre-ICO price per 1 TOX 0,10USD
Token ICO/IEO price per 1 TOX 0,20USD
Token guaranteed exchange rate in Toxic paid services1 = 1TOX/USDCorporate messenger; Purchase of mobile/landline phone numbers worldwide; Purchase of VPN service; Few wallet paid services;
Token utilization (advertisement view per 1 TOX)0.01% of all Toxic usersOne advertisement post to all Toxic users in all products cost 10,000 tokens. More users of Toxic the higher is market price
Premine100%There is legal restriction on the level of the Company's articles to NOT issue any other
tokens/coins that can be used to sell Toxic services
KYC & restrictions-noneKYC check is not required / There are no restrictions for international investors

TOXIC ICO Sale rounds

The following table shows the Tiers of pre-ICO and ICO and available TOX Tokens for sale:

Stage (Tier) of pre-ICO & ICOAmount of USD to be collectedTOX Token price in USDTokens Available for Purchase
pre-ICO75,0000.10750,000  Active 


TOX tokens is the only currency in Toxic Ecosystem to buy advertisement possibilities
(POSTS) for third parties. The price of TOX token grows together with the number of
users in Toxic Ecosystem.

Estimated TOX market price/ exchange rate

LLC Financial Company TOXIC, L`viv, Ukraine 


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stage PRE-ICO is active

earn 10x times with TOX tokens now

allow to buy future Toxic services with fixed rate 1 TOX = 1 USD